Bernadette was a student in Windsor High

Reunion 52
Portrayed by Nakita Ramsey
Location Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Windsor High
Status Deceased
Appearance(s) Bloodbath


Bernadette is first introduced at Windsor High informing her best friend Sarah that Clara and her boyfriend Eddie the night before.

Later Bernadette called Sarah and saying she has practice for gymnastic team and was meant to go to Sarah's house afterwards to pick her up so she could sleep at her house. After being held up and going into the video store, Bernadette is far from reaching Sarah when Walker attacks Sarah at her house.
Death 3343

Bernadette's death

Later at their sleepover at Bernadette's house. Sarah soon gets a vision of Walker telling her to go over to him and after hearing Sarah in distress, Bernadette is quick to reach her side then Sarah askes "Why does he kill people"

The next day at school, Bernadette begs Sarah to accompany her to Sam's house for his party. Reluctant at first, Sarah agrees, and the pair go shopping.

The pair also have a moment at Sarah's house before the party, where they discuss Walker's life before his death.

Later at the party, Sarah has another vision of Walker and runs away and when Sarah comes home she meets Walker again and he threatens to kill her then Bernadette comes in and she murders her.

Death 444

Bernadette's corpse

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