Bloodbath 4: Left For DeathEdit

Bloodbath 4

Bloodbath 3

Bloodbath 4 film poster.

Directed by Xavier Jackson
Produced by Xavier Jackson
Written by William Davidson
Starring Ella Purnell
Music by Thomas Jordan
Distributed by Dimension Films
Release date(s) April 15, 1991
Running time 111 minutes
Language English
Budget $40,000,000 (estimated)
Gross revenue $97,035,182
Preceded by
Followed by Bloodbath 2


Ella is back, in the form of an angry inner-city girl on the hunt for blood. Camp New Directions, on the recycled grounds of the former murders, intends to pair high class teens with underclass counterparts. Ella, however, has a different plan. Will it be door number one, number two, or number three?

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