Survivor 157
Portrayed by Danica Patricks
Location Chicago Illinois
Occupation Student
Status Deceased
Appearance(s) Ella Goes To Hell


Brooke was another friend of Joanna's

Brooke first appears at the school gate of Windsor High along with Joanna, Levin, Lisa and her best friend Sammy. After Sammy and Lisa's death, Brooke becomes very sad but she still doesn't totally believe Joanna when she says everything is because of Ella. But later Brooke got attacked by Ella by herself (It wasn't on-screen, but mentioned by Brooke during her lines between Joanna and Levin), she began to trust Joanna and decides to discuss the way to defeat Ella with them that night in her home.

Then when Joanna shows up she sees Ella killing her from her window.


Brooke's death

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