Survivor 58
Portrayed by Liz Mace
Location Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Student
Status Deceased
Appearance(s) Bloodbath 6


Chloe and Leslie get ready to watch Saw IV to which Leslie rejects saying she hates the movie due to the lack of character development and the "torture porn" nature. Chloe forces her to watch the movie and they get disappointed and when Leslie reveals that she keeps getting calls from a freak and Chloe demands Leslie to block him but he keeps coming back. When Chloe sugests that Leslie reports him to the police, She refuses stating he is sweet and thinks he is hot; upon showing Chloe, Leslie is informed "that's Robert Pattison."

Then Chloe and Leslie get phone calls from Ella. Leslie panics. When Ella calls them numerous times Chloe forces Leslie to go out to find out what's going on outside and when the door slams shut and locks then Ella starts stabbing her then Chloe opens the door and finds Leslie dead.

Death vnb

Leslie's death

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